The 5th SSBRN Symposium 2021 in Paris, France


The 5th SSBRN Symposium is postponed because of travel mobility between countries. The event will be merged with the 6th SSBRN Symposium 2022 in Lublin, Poland.

Topics covered include, but not limited to:

Issues in the stock market
Management and organization
Business and human decision
Behavioral aspects in business
Technological issues in business and organization
Accounting, auditing, finance, and money laundering
Education and ethics
Corporate governance and internal control
Corporate culture and strategy
Psychological aspects of the organization
Performance measurement
Sales & Marketing
The political aspect of business and organization.
Public sector accounting
Public finance
Economics and business

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Rescheduling conditions :

SSBRN has the right to reschedule in the event of force majeure conditions (such as natural disasters, government rules, strikes, and other unpredictable events) that making it impossible to hold in-person presentation program. If the symposium is rescheduled, SSBRN is only responsible for returning the registration fee (after deducting the financial charge). SSBRN is not responsible for any refund or cancellation conditions relevant to accommodation or travel reservations. The SSBRN has the right to amend these conditions at any time.