SSBRN Social Science & Business Research Network

International Conference on Information Technology & Business 2020 in Rotterdam, Netherlands

SSBRN conducts a conference to discuss information technology and business studies using an interdisciplinary approach. This conference is expected to contribute to practical and theoretical aspects in information technology and business. SSBRN is waiting the participation of academics around the world to discuss to the benefit of stakeholders. In this conference SSBRN also provides networking session (FREE CITY TOUR) for participants. ICITB 2020 will be conducted on June 16-17 at Q Building in Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

The conference theme is “Discussing Information Technology and Business Issues from Interdisciplinary Studies“.

Topics covered include, but not limited to:

Behavioral aspects in IT & business environment, business models for information technology, accounting information systems, management information systems, strategic information systems, e-commerce, performance measurement in business, IT & business issues in stock markets, cultural aspects in business & IT, behavioral finance economics, IT fraud, online business & marketing.

Joining two conferences:
The International Conference on Information Technology & Business 2020 in Rotterdam can be combined with the 5th SSBRN Symposium 2020 in Paris which takes place a week before. There are direct flights of train from Paris to Rotterdam.

For members who cannot attend the symposium, SSBRN offers online presentation.