International Conference on Business & Behavioral Studies 2019 in Singapore

SSBRN promotes contextual discussion in business and behavioral studies using an interdisciplinary approach. It presents discussion across perspectives to stimulate theory development. This conference is expected to produce or develop a new approach, theories, and findings that can be used to support future academic research. SSBRN expect to promote papers about human behavioral issues in a business organization using interdisciplinary perspectives. This issue is devoted to unique topics in the domain of business and behavioral. SSBRN is waiting for contributions from scholars around the world to discuss the benefit of stakeholders.




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Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Business and finance in emerging markets
Business ethics in the global environment
International capital markets
Behavioral aspect in a business environment
International finance and accounting
Minority interests studies
Competition in a global economy
Decision making studies in business
Budgeting and financial planning
Earnings management and business fraud
The impact of technology on human behavior and business environment




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All presenters and participants will receive lunch and coffee break, proceedings (USB drive), certificate, and official receipt from SSBRN.