SSBRN e-membership card. Submit NOW for 50% discount.

SSBRN offers 50% discount of registration fee for scholars around the world to be a member of SSBRN until April 1, 2019. Members will receive e-membership card and 20% discount of all events conducted by SSBRN and its partner.







SSBRN provides opportunities to all of members.
1. Members receive 20% discount of SSBRN events.
2. Members can apply to be the reviewers of SSBRN events and affiliated journals. Members must hold Doctoral degree and have publication experiences in reputable journals,
3. Members can apply to be SSBRN committee.
4. Members can apply to be SSBRN Country Representative in their country. Members must (1) hold Doctoral degree, (2) have good networking skill, and (3) participate in SSBRN events.
Contact for more information about membership benefits.