Call for Co-Host: OSAKA 2018

The Benefits:

  1. Your institution is considered as the one of the formal organizer. SSBRN presents Co-Host Certificate to our Co-Host.
  2. An efficient way to conduct a symposium, in term of time, resources, and money. Technically, we help you to conduct a symposium.
  3. Receiving our special facilities, for example free registration.
  4. Improving your accreditation score.

SSBRN offers collaboration to schools or departments by initiating several programs.

  1. Co-Host Program for “SSBRN Symposium 2017” in Bali (2016) – Completed.
  2. Co-Host Program for “National Workshop: Experimental Research” in Jogjakarta (January 19-20, 2017) – Completed.
  3. Co-Host Program for The 2nd SSBRN Symposium 2017 in Kuala Lumpur (July 20-21, 2017) – Completed.
  4. Co-Host Program for “National Workshop: Qualitative Research” in Bali (October 12-13, 2017) – Completed.
  5. Co-Host Program for “National Workshop: Experimental Research” in Jogjakarta (March 8-9, 2018).
  6. Co-Host Program for “JBFEM Award & Symposium 2018” in Singapore (July 6-7, 2018).
  7. Co-Host Program for “The 3rd SSBRN Symposium 2018” in Osaka, Japan (October 11-12, 2018).

Need more detail information about Co-Host Scheme?

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  1. irawan
    irawan 31/01/2016 at 14:15 |

    sebuah media komunikasi dan sharing informasi serta pengembangan diri yang baik, saya tertarik untuk partisipasi pada kesempatan yang ada. Terima kasih..

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